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Clancy Cavnar

has a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) from John F. Kennedy University. She currently works at a dual-diagnosis residential drug treatment center in San Francisco and is a research associate of Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Studies (NEIP). She combines an eclectic array of interests and activities as clinical psychologist, artist, and researcher. She has a master of fine arts in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and a master’s in counseling from San Francisco State University. She is author and co-author of articles in several peer-reviewed journals and co-editor, with Beatriz Caiuby Labate, of six books, among them, Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon and Beyond (Oxford University Press, 2014). She is also an editor at chacruna (http://chacruna.net), a venue for publication of high-quality academic short texts on plant medicines. For more information see: http://neip.info/pesquisadore/clancy-cavnar



Capítulos de livros publicados

Labate, B. C., Cavnar, C. & Freedman, F. B. (2014). Notes on the expansion and reinvention of ayahuasca shamanism. In B. C. Labate, & C. Cavnar, (Eds.), Ayahuasca shamanism in the Amazon and beyond (pp. 3–15). New York, NY, Oxford University Press. 2014.
Labate, B. C. & Cavnar, C. (2014). Controversies on the regulation of traditional drug use. In B. C. Labate & C. Cavnar, (Eds.), Prohibition, religious freedom, and human rights: Regulating traditional drug use (ix–xvii). Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer.
Labate, B. C., Assis, G. L. & Cavnar, C. (2016). A religious battle: Musical dimensions of the Santo Daime diaspora. In B. C. Labate, C. Cavnar, & A. Gearin (Eds.), The world ayahuasca diaspora: Reinventions and controversies (pp. 99–122). New York City, NY: Routledge.  
Labate, B.; Cavnar, C. & Dawson, A. 2016. Introduction: Peyote: Past, Present and Future. In: Labate, B. C. & Cavnar, C. (Eds.). Peyote: History Tradition, Politics and Conservation. Santa Barbara: Praeger.
Labate, B.; Cavnar, C. & Gearin, A. 2016. Introduction: The Shifting Journey of Ayahuasca in Diaspora. In: Labate, B. C.; Cavnar, C & Gearin, A. (Eds.). The World Ayahuasca Diaspora: Reinventions and Controversies. New York: Routledge.
Labate, B.; Cavnar, C. & Rodrigues, T. 2016. Introduction: Drug and politics in the Americas: A Laboratory of Analysis. In: Labate, B. C.; Cavnar, C. & Rodrigues, T. (Eds.). Drug Policies and the Politics of Drugs in the Americas. Heidelberg: Springer.

Artigos de Autoria Individual

Artigos em Co-Autoria

ASSIS, Glauber L.; LABATE, Beatriz C.; CAVNAR, Clancy. Música, tradução e linguagem na diáspora do Santo Daime. Revista de Antropologia, São Paulo, v. 60, n. 1, p. 165-192, may 2017

Produção técnica

Apresentação em Congressos

Cavnar, Clancy.. Reflections On Spirituality, Gender, and Power in my Experience with Santo Daime. Presented at the 2014 World Ayahuasca Conference, Ibiza, 25-27 September 2014.
CAVNAR, C. 2017. Ayahuasca: Effects on the Ego and Considerations of Use. Paper presented at Psychedelic Science 2017, Oakland Marriot City Center, Oakland, April 19–24

Outras publicações

Cavnar, Clancy. The experiences of gay and lesbian people using ayahuasca. PsyD in Clinical Psychology. John F. Kennedy University. 2011 (Unpublished Dissertation).